Deliver 10/10 customer service every time

When you own a business, the pressure is on to deliver outstanding customer service that your
clients will remember for years to come. This ensures repeat customers, an excellent reputation and the likelihood of increasing your revenue for the coming quarter.

So just how do you guarantee that every customer experience is going to be 100% satisfactory,
without any room for mistakes or complaints? Let’s take a look at some ways to make sure that your customer service is 10/10 every time.

Publish Your Customer Support

Kissmetrics Blog points out the merit of being transparent with your customer support and the
feedback that they give. While it’s a bit scary putting up a page that allows customers to rate you, if you’re true to your word and deliver outstanding customer service every time, you won’t need to worry about the ratings.

This is a great system, however, because it helps existing customers to reassure you of your high standards. It also helps potential customers get an idea of where you set the bar when it comes to service, making them more likely to try you out. Like a feedback loop, it will help you to remain on the ball when it comes to top notch customer service while producing the number of satisfied customers you’re looking for.

Publish Business Reports

Kissmetrics continues with another invaluable customer life lesson – publishing your reports. While you don’t have to post everything about the business, it’s worth thinking about making your progress, and customer satisfaction reports transparent. Plus, you can also include little pieces of advice and lessons you learned as a company over the week, month, or year. This high level of transparency will resonate well with your customer base and develop a trustworthy relationship with both existing and potential clients.

Get up Close and Personal

Most people appreciate a personal touch when it comes to their experience with a business or
service. They like to feel looked after and appreciated.

Breaking your customer base down from mere numbers and seeing them as individuals will give your business a personal touch that makes you relatable and approachable. Wikihow explains that giving customers individual attention will make them feel well looked after. They will remember their positive experience with you and be much more likely to use your services again. You always want to place the customer first before anything else.

With the big wide world of social media and the internet, it’s fair game to anyone with a keyboard to talk about an experience they had with a business – positive or negative. Because you’re in the spotlight so much these days, it’s worth putting the time and effort in to ensure that your customer service is nothing short of excellent.

You’ll want to leave each customer with the same, high-quality experience so that your customer base can increase and your reputation as a trustworthy, reliable business can stay intact.

Putting the customer first and ensuring the highest quality customer service will stand you in good stead for building and maintaining a successful business.

Max started The Responsive Agency in 2014 to help business owners to navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing. With a focus on solutions that offer high-performance growth, clients have seen dramatic increases in turnover and profit.

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