Elizabeth (Eli) Pollard, Executive Director at World Parkinson Coalition

The Responsive Agency helped take our idea for the www.WhereIsParky.org website from just that, an idea, to reality with his very able team of designers. Parky the Raccoon is a mascot for the World Parkinson Congress and helps connect people with PD. It also helps show people that they are not alone in the world and that Parkinson’s touches people no matter where they live around the globe.

Their team took extra care in helping us think through the website plan and how to keep it light, easy to navigate, and fun. Parkinson’s is a serious issue, but we believe it’s important to have fun no matter what, kept a nice balance of educating the visitors on what Parky is, and showcasing the community members who have embraced Parky.

I am pleased with the results of the website and feedback we’ve received. I would recommend them to others looking for design help and creative thinking.