New Vero social media platform

Have you heard about the new “True social” media platform that’s taking on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat which was beating them all at the top of Apple’s iOS app store despite their challenges while launching?

During the early launch recently, the company announced that it was experiencing technical issues due to its popular demand and asked for its new users to be patient. Vero also made the headlines for announcing that they will extend their original offer to the first 1 million registered users, a free for life account, to new users until further notice. So if you haven’t signed up yet. You’re still in for a chance of claiming yours at no cost.

Unlike most of their competitors, Vero’s claims that it won’t make their money serving advertisements it will generate revenue from being a subscription-based service where the users are the customers

Interestingly, the CEO, Ayman Hariri and co-founders Motaz Nabulsi and Scott Birnbaum at Vero vow in their manifesto that the prohibited use of bots will remain included in the terms and conditions stating that their platform is for people, not bots.

Despite it’s reported uptake of early adopters, not everyone has high hopes for this new contender as we’ve seen new apps launch and die before, will this happen again or is recent changes to Instagram’s algorith based on popularity and Snapchats recent facelift going to drive people to search for an alternative.

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